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For our Chief Economist, John Greenwood, getting more out of life means going on challenging hikes and scuba diving. Real estate specialist Simon Redman and fixed income expert Gareth Isaac share a passion for running marathons, while Scott Wolle from the risk-parity team said he likes balanced risk approaches – and moments later he mentioned that, last summer, he had jumped down 200 meters into the Zambezi River gorge. And the former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov has lived through enough ups and downs for more than one life.


These few examples of the EYES ON 2018 keynote speakers show how manifold the dreams and aspirations of people can be, and why we challenge ourselves to help our clients get more out of life. Because it is worthwhile, because it is highly rewarding, and because it is the way we work.

If you took part in the EYES ON 2018 mountain trek, then the following impressions will be a visual reminder of the most important points along the journey. And if you weren’t able to join in, take these impressions with you as inspiration along the journey through 2018. You will receive your invitation to EYES ON 2019 next summer.

Get more out of life: stick with us and I look forward to the next time our paths cross!

With warm regards,

Reto Meisser
CEO Invesco Switzerland and Head of Wholesale

Speakers and presentations

Your Invesco team

Get to know our Swiss team with three questions on the EYES ON 2018 motto Get more out of life.

What guests said

“John Greenwood’s outlook
gave a lot of food for thought,
even if I disagree
with his inflation theory.“
“I never thought that in
times of Airbnb, investing in
hotels could be an option
for income investing.“
“The only thing I regret
after today is that I missed the first three
EYES ON meetings.“
“Risk-parity has been
not on my agenda up to now, maybe I have to reconsider this.“
“The fixed income
markets are
giving me a


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