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Growth Engines

Jeremy Rifkin

Government advisor, bestselling author, foundation founder, Washington

”We never expected marginal costs near to or equalling zero. We are now moving from markets to networks, from ownership to access, from GDP to quality of life.“
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John Greenwood

Chief Economist, Invesco, Henley-on-Thames

”What I would change in the world if I could? As an economist, I would end protectionism. If you are regulated, you are restricted.“
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Bonnie Saynay

Global Head of Responsible Investment, Invesco, Houston

”When it comes to ESG, we tend to spend our time working behind the scenes.“
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Kevin Egan

Senior Portfolio Manager, Invesco Fixed Income, New York

”Our analyst-driven approach is embedded in our ESG / Fixed Income investment process.“
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Simon Redman

Managing Director, Invesco Real Estate, London

”We never compromise about the location, and we thoroughly look at the supply side.“
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Matthew Tagliani

Head of EMEA ETF Product & Sales Strategy, London

”You can invest passively and still be allowed to have views.“
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Ken Hu

Chief Investment Officer, Invesco Fixed Income, Hongkong

”I see the Belt and Road Initiative as a great opportunity for fixed income investors.“
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